Hello To Everybody In Room 6!

Dear Room 6 

Since the last time I saw you lots of things have happened, like getting fish, new plants and lots more. Everything is going nice and smoothly in my new school.  I already have lots of new friends. One of my friend’s name is Piper who is one of my best new friends. And the school is walking distance so my brother and I can walk to school. We have a mailbox which means we don’t have to drive to the post office. Out the back we have a giant swimming pool and a nice warm spa. Last Saturday my family and I bought some new fish. First we had to get some gravel. My brother and I chose multicolours. Then we had to choose some fish. We were thinking about getting some goldfish. We ended up getting six fish and a filter.On the way home I whispered to the fish,” You are going to a good home.” When we arrived back home I looked after the fish while dad went to go clean the gravel. Finally we got to pour the fish into the fish tank. And that’s how you will find them from now on!  

On Friday I had a disco with the years 1, 2, 3 and 4s. It was my first disco with all my new friends. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!

I THINK MRPS ROCKS!!!!!   You guys are so lucky you get iPads  and I don’t !

Here is a question for Ava and Keale

How is it going at taekwondo without my brother and I?

Can’t wait to see you guys in the school holidays!!!

 I hope all is going well in Margaret River and you all enjoyed having me there.

Love with all her heart


My Class’s Garden Bed

imageOn the 15th of October my class got a garden bed. We were very happy to get it because only the year 4s get to cook garden produce. When we were ready we got the watering can and spades. Then we went down to the garden bed to get planting but before we started planting a lady called Susie told us how to pull the seedling out of its container. Then we all got a turn to plant a plant. I had to give the iPad to Samara and she took two photos.

Room 6 Garden Bed

In the first week of the term room 6 got a garden bed. It was a raised garden bed with dirt in it. A lady called Susie came down from the kitchen garden to help us plant our plants. She told us to tap the bottom of our plant containers and dig a hole that would fit the plant. image

What Am I?

I am a rectangle.

You can put games on me.

Most adults  have one of me.

What am I?

question-mark-rainbowYou care for me.

You feed me.

You brush me.

I dont like dogs.

I live on a farm.

What am I?

I eat hay.

You milk me.

What am I?



I am in Italy.

People come to see me.

I am unique.

I look like I might fall over.

What am I?


I am sometimes pointy.

You find me at the beach.

I am a home for sea life.

What am I?







Leaning Tower Of Pisa



By Alexis

My Taekwondo Experience

On Sunday the 21st of July my friends and I competed in a state championship. It was held in Kwinana. The girls who competed in the state championship were Ava Robins,Taelia Griffyn, Keale Buckland, Claudia Griffyn and me! Ava and Taelia had to perform the traditional poomsae (pattern). When they finished, we got to admire Ava’s bronze medal. Taelia won a bronze medal too.  We were up next and the judges called out AKA, which was the name of our team. We were doing a creative pattern to a song called, “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”. At the end we were awarded a gold medal. My Mum said, “Great job, Alexis!” and I said, “thank you mum.” Then we said bye to my friends and jumped into my shining black car and drove home. When I got home my Grandma and Papa were very happy and they gave my so many hugs I could not even breathe.

Now I know what it feels like to be in the state championship. IMG_0533

My Family in Space


Matthew was given this space suit from my dad. My dad bought it after a visit to America. My brother likes being a space cadet and pretending he is on another planet.


My dad went to an air and space museum that also had this space shuttle on display.


Look at the size of that thing! Compared to people it is huge.


This is a photograph of the Concorde. it is a supersonic passenger aircraft.

Supersonic means to go faster than the speed of sound.

My Papa has flown on the Concorde. He flew from New York to London on the 9th of July 1990. It cost $1,000 more than a business class ticket on a normal plane. He was excited to get on the plane and fascinated by the inside. He described it as a big skinny pencil as it is only 3 metres wide and 35 metres long.

If I went on the Concorde I would feel a bit nervous but happy knowing that I will be exploring new things.

Image 3

This is a photograph my papa took from inside the Concorde


All About Me

Hi, my name is Alexis!

I am in year 3 and room 6.

My family has four people in it.

I have two dogs and two cats.

My brother’s name is Matthew.

My mum’s name is Jodi and my dad’s name is Paul.

Our cats’ names are Holly and Mysty.

And my dogs’ names are Jessy and Gabby.

That is the end of my story.     THE END